How do I return home to every day life and keep the beauty and transformational experiences in my heart that occurred in class, on retreat, through the weekend of a workshop or festival?

A few days before going to your anticipated yoga event or retreat, start a journal – even if it’s to write one sentence in each day. You may already keep one, so you are ahead of the game. Throughout your event, take notes, draw images, anything that will allow you to have presence of mind. Promise yourself that you will remain as a presence in the room. Do not let yourself fade or shrivel into the corner. You are attending these events to enrich your life on many levels. This won’t happen if you let the energy in the room overpower your sense of self. Be there. Drink it in. The dance, the challenge, the poetry, the song. These events are put together to expose beauty that may have gone undiscovered in your life otherwise. They are created by these teachers to spread clarity and strength, love and kindness. These are events to bring you back home to your most authentic heart center. When you return home to do the chores and to pay the bills, continue to write in your journal. Let your writing flow from your experience out your fingertips. Allow this journal to keep the growth that is taking place close to your heart. When pulling the clothes out of the dryer or mowing that last row of grass as you sweat in the front yard, see the beauty. It’s in there. How good the laundry smells, how pretty the yard looks, how good it feels to be home.

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