How do I make the most of the event/retreat experience?

  • Always remember this is your retreat. Take the class at your own pace. Everyone is different. It’s wise to make sure you don’t overdo it or do more than you feel like.
  • Yoga events and retreats are an amazing way to bond with people. Be open to the idea of relating to people and seeing the light inside of them. Just hang out and get to know everyone. Give everyone a chance to show his or her good sides. Remember that you also need moments of alone time as well, to take it all in.
  • As much as possible, leave the office at home. There’s something particularly fantastic about getting as unplugged as possible. On that note: Double-check what’s available since lots of places de-prioritize Internet connections and such. Sure, there might be an Internet cafe somewhere nearby but if you absolutely can’t be unreachable, you might just have to avoid places without reliable Internet or cell phone access.

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