Shameloss – Part 2: Aging is a Privilege

Dates: Sat, 8 May 2021


  • You’ve visited, lived in, or currently live in THE BAD PLACE. (No, NBC The Good Place is not sponsoring this course but I wish they would. I love it.) *The BAD PLACE is where all your perceived mistakes and failures hang on the walls like dumb trophies and taunt you with how you will never be free of them. The BAD PLACE looks different for everyone. The BAD PLACE smells.
  • The BAD PLACE is where shame sends you (more often than you would like) and you get stuck there. Yor Inner A$$hole pays the rent there. Or doesn’t. It probably doesn’t because it’s a mooch.
  • You had something happen to you or occur that you feel bad about, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT NO WAY NO HOW JUST NO.
  • You did something perceived as “bad” and the BAD PLACE feels like the only place you deserve to live. (That’s a lie.)
  • You feel broken. (You aren’t.)
  • You think you are behind in life. (You aren’t.)
  • You have gotten older and feel a certain way about it. (News flash: We all age. If we are lucky.)
  • Your body looks different than you think it “should.” (Again: Should is an asshole.)

🔥  Should I go on? By now you know if this workshop series is for you because your body is screaming YES or NO. Are you listening to your body? (I hope so.)


Featuring special guest Paulina Porizkova!

~90 mins

  • Jen and supermodel Paulina Porizkova dive into what it means to age as they explore the shame so many feel with getting older.
  • Dialogue around being “invisible” and having our self-worth be contingent upon our looks, sexiness, youth and how to navigate that like the badasses we are.
  • Writing prompts to own exactly who and where you are in life at this very moment as well as breaking up with our IA (Inner Assholes.)
  • Community sharing and listening with love and respect.
  • Q&A with Paulina and Jen.