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Amanda Farrell and Trevor Gribble

Trevor and Amanda’s relationship is itself like an adventure yoga retreat.  After meeting and discovering that they both had a passion for teaching yoga (and each other!), they took the risk of moving across the world together just 5 months later.  Beginning their adventure in Australia, the couple hasn’t looked back in 3 years, teaching yoga full-time and offering retreats spanning the globe.  From the wine countries of New Zealand to pilgrimages in the Indian Himalaya to the beaches of Goa and the jungles of Bali, T&A love sharing adventure with their students. Their travels hit a high note in August 2015, when they became engaged following their final class in the magical country of New Zealand. These newly-titled fiances will travel onward to Europe in 2016 and hope to meet you in some exotic Mediterranean locations.


Partners in love, yoga, and travel, T&A are trained in a variety of ancient and contemporary yoga lineages, and continue to immerse in more every year to evolve their teaching style.  They believe in a balanced approach to yoga asana, incorporating fluid dynamic movement to remove physical and energetic restrictions, strength work to harness the stabilizing and healing potential of the core, plus soft therapeutic & yin asana to ensure a safe and sustainable yoga practice as our bodies age.  Daily pranayama, meditation, and themes on vedic yoga philosophy are included within their retreat experience.


Finally, they realize that when a retreat comes to a close and the group returns to the daily grind, the main thing that everyone remembers and talks about is the FOOD. T&A are dedicated to providing delicious meals on their trips. Their current traveling lifestyle is heavily focused on enjoying a delicious yet healthy diet. Inspired by the perfectly balanced Indian “thali” plates, guests can expect an exquisite sampling of local cuisine, customized to the retreat region.

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Retreat Yourself Well is very happy to include Trevor and Amanda in the Ambassador Program as their adventurous and soulful style of teaching allows for you to have both a playful experience in a addition to a spiritual awakening. If you are interested in learning more about their plans in 2016, email