Delia Brown, known internationally for her work as a fine artist (www.deliabrown.net), has had a life-long love of all things mind/body. She has studied yoga since 1996, as well as spiritual traditions from New Thought to ancient Buddhism. But it wasn't until she discovered a passion for indoor cycling that she found a calling as an instructor.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are at the core of Delia's concerns. Her own struggles with auto-immune disorders and cancer have given her a tenacious attitude towards self-care. She believes it's not just about juicing and being active, but also about sitting still, and telling the truth, and creating supportive community.

Delia is known for discovering edgy-and-uplifting music, and inspiring her students to find their formidable. She brings a background in hiphop, and a wry -- and oftentimes goofy! -- sense of humor, to her cycle classes. Delia asks you to go inward, for insight into your own nature, but she also invites you to tap into your inner badass, and let your freak flag fly.

This feels almost too good to be true for Retreat Yourself Well. Get ready for big plans with this Ambassador. The first legitimate, well planned out, results oriented INDOOR CYCLING RETREAT will be lead by this teacher. Look for it this Spring 2016.