Jaclyn is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. Upon moving to the Los Angeles area in 2007, she fell in love with the practice of yoga. After completing her first yoga training with Mukti Yoga School in 2008, she began teaching and is admittedly a continual student, always learning, always enhancing her practice and teaching. She moved back east to be closer to family as she raises her own. Jaclyn teaches a strong, balanced, and playful vinyasa flow. She is thrilled to lead retreats for those who are seeking a peaceful experience filled with not only yoga but new friendships, laughter, great conversation along with good food and wine! Her love of yoga comes from gratitude for its transformative nature and loves sharing her practice with others. She feels it’s also important to laugh and smile along the way (and sometimes we need to cry too!) carrying a sense of humor with you on and off your mat. It is her wish to help you clear your mind, improve your physical health, find a sense of balance and connect with your heart. Jaclyn is dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of yoga. Jaclyn’s love of yoga is contagious! She’s a firm believer that life is meant to be ENJOYED!

RYW is extremely proud to have this teacher in it’s Ambassador Program as her heart pierces through her teaching like none other. If you are looking for an experience on the mat that is woven in love and kindness, please contact us about her retreat plans.