Jeni, the So Cal native, grew up dancing and being active from an early age.  She danced competitively and professionally for 18+ years.  She majored and worked in the apparel industry for four years until she realized that she was missing that amazing feeling that dance and being active would make her feel throughout the day.  She decided to take a chance and leave the apparel industry and get back to her roots.

Jeni is nationally certified in Pilates through the Pilates training program at Equinox.  She is also certified in Barworks through Yogaworks.  With her dance background, Jeni can look at the body while working out and fine tune the movements to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

RYW feels like they struck gold with this teacher. Jeni encompasses all that fitness should be about – she’s gorgeous, but more importantly, she is passionate about your health. She wants you feeling stronger and more vibrant every day and she knows how to get you there. If we could, we would retreat with Jeni every single day. 


Jeni’s Los Angeles Schedule

Uprise Classical Pilates and Wellness
Monday 8AM: Reformer/Tower Class
Tuesday 8AM: Tower Class
Tuesday 9AM: Reformer/Tower Class
Wednesday 6:30PM: Tower Class
Thursday 9AM: Reformer/Tower Class
Tuesday 5:30PM: Reform Sculpt
Tuesday 6:30PM: ReformSculpt
Tuesday 7:30PM: Reform Sculpt
Thursday 11AM: Reform Pre/Post Natal
Thursday Noon: Reform Sculpt
Thursday 5:30PM: Reform Sculpt
Thursday 6:30PM: Reform Sculpt
Thursday 7:30PM: Reform Sculpt
I also teach privates and all pricing and scheduling inquiries can me sent directly to me at