I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years (gulp) and I’m psyched to be writing another bio for RetreatYourselfWell. I’m a born and bred New Yorker who found her way to LA in 2000 and had that madly passionate fall in love relationship with yoga you hear about. That was in my late twenties. Fifteen years later I’m married with a toddler and still at it.


I was a lucky gal and studied under the guidance and expert eye of YogaWorks Founder Maty Ezraty. She will always be my teacher. She is the real deal. I love being a teacher and facilitating people’s interest and ability to pay attention and investigate who they are.  We lead busy and big lives in our modern world. Yoga offers us an endless plethora of tools to navigate our way through the best of times and the most challenging of times. It all begins with asana and then flourishes into a practice of inquiry and self transformation and discovery. It’s not easy. Life is hard and so are my classes. I promise that I’ve got your back and you can be who you need to be at any time. Show up and breathe and the rest will unfold.

I currently teach at the Santa Monica Montana location of Yogaworks on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 10:45-12:15  2/3 Vinyasa Flow

RYW just upped the ante with Jesse.

Her class is fierce, fun, and full of fire but you wouldn’t believe it til you experienced it…..take it from us.  you leave drenched in sweat and smiling.

We love your work, Jesse, and we love you.

If you are interested in retreating with Jesse or you have a location request, please contact us.