Jocelyn is a 500 RYT through YogaWorks who believes every time we come to our mat is an opportunity to find incredible physical strength and grace, allowing meticulously aligned asanas to create space, ease, and an opportunity to connect to breath and the present moment. While Jocelyn always brings a strong athleticism to the practice, she always makes space for the deeper and more subtle work. She thrives on the playful joy of vinyasa flow, the inner focus necessary, and the truths revealed through the metaphors of the poses and our approach to them.Jocelyn’s over twenty year yoga practice has been like the most loyal friend, bearing witness to many stages of life from a fast-paced career as a criminal trial attorney, through marriage and motherhood, and, ultimately, when Jocelyn finally committed whole-heartedly to her calling to be a yoga teacher. She is a passionate believer that a yoga practice is not exclusive to the time we lay out our mat. Rather, the yogic philosophies and benefits we derive from our asana practice will enhance our whole lives. You will be a better parent, partner, worker and human being as a result.For many of us, time on our mat is precious and the one time in our busy lives we get to slow down, be quiet, still, and selfish in the best possible way.


Come to her classes prepared to practice to good music, sweat a lot, and find yourself in your final resting pose with a quieter mind and peaceful expression on your face.You can find Jocelyn at YogaWorks, Equinox, the lovely yogaraj or through a private session. If she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, she will likely be running long distances by the ocean, paddling beyond the breakers, or simply living and loving life with her family and friends. Whether your goal is to stand on your hands or learn to sit comfortably in your own skin, Jocelyn will inspire and empower you to meet that goal.

7:00a-8a Equinox Marina del Rey Power Flow12:30p-1:30p yogaraj Power Lunch Flow6:15p-7:25p YogaWorks Westwood Level 1-2 Vinyasa FlowWednesday
12:30p-1:30p yogaraj Power Lunch Flow6:15p-7:25p YogaWorks Westwood Level 1-2 Vinyasa FlowThursday
9:30a-10:45p Equinox South Bay Level 2-3 Vinyasa Flow
5:15p-6:10p YogaWorks Brentwood Level 2 Vinyasa Flow

10:30a-11:45a Equinox Marina del Rey Power Flow

If there is a perfect mixture of both grace and fierceness, Jocelyn has it. With a teaching based in love, we would follow her anywhere. For more info on Jocelyn’s retreat plans for 2016, contact us.