Born and raised in the Midwest, Joseph is known for his passionate personality and down-to-earth philosophy both on and off the mat. He originally began his journey of discovering the valuable gifts of the human body when he was asked to instruct dance classes during his career as a professional dancer. His journey then relocated him to Los Angeles where he shares his love of pilates, indoor cycling and, of course, yoga.

Throughout the years, he’s spent countless hours attending various lectures, researching philosophies, and sweating in asana practice. He discovered that everything that he was discovering pointed back to our experience with the human body because it literally ‘embodies’, no pun intended, an all encompassing, universal wisdom.

His goal is to use this philosophy as the foundation of his retreats. Through the dynamic movement of the asana practice and the powerful stillness of meditation, you will have the opportunity to explore and cultivate a deeper relationship with your body and rediscover your ultimate guide/guru/ GPS system that has been built to take you on a journey in manifesting a life filled with clarity, freedom and purpose.

Joseph currently has a successful private instruction yoga business in L.A. and has also been a well-known Equinox yoga and cycling instructor since 2003. He holds a B.F.A in Dance and began his yoga training in 1996 which led him to become a certified Anusara instructor.

RYW has been following Joseph’s career for a long time. His inclusion in the Ambassador program is a huge cause of celebration for us. His kindness walks right off his mat and into the world. We see how body/mind connection leads to a very strong existence through Joseph’s example. We are thrilled to share his retreats with the world…for more information on these, contact us.