Laura didn’t get along with yoga right off the bat. Yoga wasn’t attractive, easy or comfortable so she ignored it all together. Her husband (boyfriend at the time) and dad both told her she was making a big mistake. So, Laura began flirting 9 years ago, which turned into some casual but fun dating, as yoga became a complement to her many other fitness interests. After connecting with her Goddess-like Guru, Kia Miller, the courtship was in full effect. The relationship deepened through her 500 Hour YogaWorks Teacher Trainings and yoga transformed into a way of life for her.

Eventually yoga revealed itself as Laura’s Dharma (Sanskrit decoded: life purpose, one’s calling). Once this became clear, she broke up with her successful sales career to marry her dream of becoming a yoga teacher and sharing her love with others. Laura is passionate, playful, feisty and spiritual and when coupled with yoga, which is philosophical, challenging, relaxing and fun it creates a perfect blend. She hopes that this marriage will inspire her students to find balance in their lives, happiness in their hearts, and ultimately their Dharma.

You can find Laura at YogaWorks or Equinox or contact her for private sessions. She teaches her own brand of yoga, ‘BrideChilla Yoga’ leading brides and their friends along their journey to the aisle at bridal showers, bachelorette parties and on the big day! She also founded ‘Power Lunch Yoga’, which brings many styles of yoga and meditation to the workplace. She and her soul sisters, Jocelyn Solomon and Steph Crochet lead international and local retreats throughout the year! Find her on facebook at Laura Conley, instagram at @lauraconleyyoga or email her at and visit