Mallory Dillion likes to move.

Move in all sorts of ways.

Dance. Cheer. Ski. Celebrate. Just to name a few.

From an early age, Mallory found herself involved with ballet, tap & jazz until she ended up in The American Musical Theatre of Dance, which lasted for 15 years. A lifetime of activity including cheerleading through high school and then professionally in college, Mallory was a born leader, a born teacher, a born inspiration.

After a low back ski injury found her stagnant, Mallory would not stay there for long. Yoga was her saving grace. As she began to heal through a slow moving and gradual yoga practice, the addiction of yoga and meditation began. She has found yoga to be a source of strength through loss, heartache, growth and celebration.

Encouraged by all that have taught and practiced with her, Mallory completed her 230 hour RYT training from Stephanie Keach’s Ashville Yoga Center and continue to work toward her 500 hour certification.

In her own words, “I love teaching yoga at Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation because I know first hand how it heals you from the inside out. Yoga has taught me that everything you need to feel whole and happy is already inside of you. Yoga has taught me to pause, think, be present, to love deeply, to be light and to have fun on a daily basis.”

Please stay tuned for Mallory’s next retreat as she is known for her authentic voice, and guiding all of us toward knowing and loving our true selves. Please contact us for further inquiries regarding Mallory and her plans for 2016.

Mallory currently teaches at Bella Prana in Tampa, Florida.

Hot Power Flow, Saturday’s @ 11:00-12:15

Hot Power Flow, Thursday’s @ 5:45-7:00.