Hi Trevor and Amanda, I came to a lot of your classes at Hot Yoga Wellington and I just wanted to thank you so very much for your guidance. I was so sad I couldn't get to your final classes. I know it sounds dramatic, but I found your classes quite life-changing to be honest. The positivity and peace that flowed on from them was quite something. I started your classes when I was entering a great phase in in my life, and I will always be grateful for the role your classes had in this. I will always remember them with great, great fondness. Your passion and knowledge really is a gift that keeps on giving, emanating to the people who's paths you cross. I hope you realise how much you are appreciated, and the light that you bring to people, whether it is for an hour, a day, or as a lasting effect. I know this sounds all very cliché, but I'm just saying it how it is! You will be seriously missed at Hot Yoga Wellington. Enjoy your travels, stay safe, and continue to love and learn!