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You need a yoga event that is just right for you… The right location. The right teacher… The right style of yoga. The right price… We are here to make choosing a yoga event for you and your friends easy. —Jen Smith, Director RYW “Finally Jen has consolidated her knowledge, enthusiasm and experience so that others can benefit from her discerning eye and generous heart… I'm in—can't wait to share with this growing community!” —Julian Walker, Author, Yogi, Integrative Mind-Body Healer “The yoga community has needed a site just like this one. Finally! A place to get information from a trusted source about yoga related events!” —Hala Khouri, M.A., Yoga Teacher And Co-Founder of Off The Mat, Into The World® “Nobody knows the yoga community like Jen Smith. Her impeccable taste and vast knowledge of what's going on in the yoga world are a constant resource for me. Where she leads… I would follow!” —Keith Irace, Regional Manager for Group Fitness / California Equinox Fitness Clubs “Jen Smith is a curator for the yoga community at large. Her years in both the fitness and yoga worlds give her a perspective on talent and professionalism. If Jen recommends it, you can trust that you will have a transformative experience!” Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up®

About Us

Life today can be busy.

From work to play to friends to family, our lives are full and complicated at times.

Between long work hours, difficult family dynamics, "it's complicated" relationships, and raising inflation, a person can let years go by without taking a true deep breath.

Retreat Yourself Well embraces the need we all have in our lives to pause. Featuring retreat hosts and the highest quality retreats that they have planned for you, RYW gives you quick access to planning your next "pause".

Classes are fulfilling, that is for sure, as there are amazing teachers everywhere, but how do you invest in the yoga adventure?

Take a look at our list of retreats and ask us all of the questions you have at Your questions are answered within 24 hours.

You will come into your next yoga journey with knowledge and intention. This is how we expand; this is how we deepen our practice. Make sure you are doing it the way that is right for you.

It is Retreat Yourself Well's mission to invite on a retreat experience with passionate teachers that provide quality yoga teachings in some of the most ideal locations in the world. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a studio owner, Retreat Yourself Well can help you connect with the yoga community, broaden your experience and find your next yoga adventure.

Retreat Yourself Well is proud to be a supporter of the Exalted Warrior Foundation, to learn more and donate,
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Jen E. Smith
Jen E. Smith, Director