Retreat Yourself Well - Yoga Retreat & Event Club

Jen E. Smith

With a corporate office in Los Angeles, California, RYW Director Jen E. Smith travels the globe interviewing, researching and recommending the best that the world has to offer in broadening the yoga spectrum through events.

After majoring in Journalism and entering the workforce in Advertising, Jen E. Smith felt the calling for more meaning, not only in her career, but in her overall lifestyle. As she worked on ad campaigns encouraging the masses to follow dreams, improve sense of self worth, and follow a path that brings joy, she decided to take her own advice. She always had a connection and passion for mental/physical/spiritual wellness. She started her new journey in the study of bodywork at IPSB in West Los Angeles. She then took this beginning to the next step and studied yoga, a long time passion, at Santa Monica Yoga under Julian Walker and Rick Gould. Her world began to blossom in teaching Yoga and SPIN in leading studios and athletic clubs throughout Los Angeles. With more training at Yoga Works and White Lotus, She became the Group Fitness Manager for Equinox at both Santa Monica and Century City locations. After relocating to Tampa to live near family, she found her luckiest career step ever in finding an extended family at Yogani Studios as their Event Planner and Yoga Teacher, in addition to Soho Cycling Studio as SPIN Instructor and Director of the Gravity program for the studio. Her path has been filled with moments of growth and enlightenment. She soon began to see the missing link between the yoga community and quality events that help deepen our practice. How do we find them? How do we ask questions? How do we get the deeper information that is needed to prepare for such events? Retreat Yourself Well has been brewing in her heart and through her work for a long time. She is proud to start the concept, and share it with the community that makes her feel so welcome.

Jen is also proud to be an Ambassador for Lululemon and Manduka, and is listed as one of L.A.'s 30 Best Yoga Instructors of the Year.