Jaclyn is a natural born teacher. Some people have it, some people don't. She has it. It has a lot to do with her sweet but assertive way of speaking to her class- as though she knows where we are headed but it's up to us how we get there. She is kind, fun, and always leads a challenging and lively class. I've always thought the mark of a great instructor is the ability to share their practice in a way their students can relate to- she does that wonderfully.

Lauren Tolley,

Jaclyn is more than a yoga teacher, she is a talented and inspirational uplifter! Not only are her classes fluid, dynamic and matched with the ideal music, but they leave you feeling complete and grateful to be you! Jaclyn's spunky sweetness mixed with her deep skills and ability to truly see her students makes her a perfect fit for what she does. She's given me helpful adjustments in postures that other yoga teachers just walk by, and has shown me advanced variations that I'm so happy to have in my toolbox! Jaclyn's positive attitude, real expertise, and genuine heart make her one fantastic teacher of yoga and roll model of life!

Tia Marie,

I dare you to meet Suzy and not walk away with a big smile on your face. This woman oozes love, compassion, and JOY! Her spirit is so uplifting and contagious that you are guaranteed to feel blissful after her class. She teaches a very mindful, creative, playful class all while paying strict attention to detail. Plus, her adjustments are the BEST, hands down!


Meagan’s magical Tulum retreat was healing, relaxing, fun, and transforming. Meagan has that wide open and loving heart that attracts students that are awesome, successful, dedicated, in it to evolve, generous with their heart, keep it real and enjoy celebrating life. All the participants emerged as a community and created a sacred place to share, learn and be free to do their thing. We all felt blessed that we had Meagan as our guide because she connected individually with us, to find out our dreams and goals for life and then throughout the week she would offer support and wisdom to make movement on our path. I feel fortunate to have Meagan in my life, not only are her alignment cues superb, I always know I will laugh in her class and most importantly she walks the walk she teaches about.

Dana Stall, Nurse, Brentwood CA