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Retreat Vision Realized


Whether you have never hosted a retreat before, or you just want your next retreat planning to be a smooth experience, RYW can help you find the location, accommodations and price that meet your expectations. If you are a yoga teacher that wants to start or continue holding retreats but you don't have time or training to figure out the details, this is the way to go.

$550 upon contract signing


Retreat Attendance Boost

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This is where RYW helps fill your retreat through marketing, exposure, guidance and a one-stop website that collects the funds that will end up in your bank account. Avoid all of the uncomfortable money collection from your students by referring them strait to us. Who wants to teach yoga and then collect money like a cash register? Most teachers don’t. Let the site do the work for you.

10% of profit after lodging, food, teacher flight only.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a studio owner, Retreat Yourself Well can help you connect with the yoga community, broaden your experience and plan your next yoga adventure