Tricks for Trauma Survival Guide for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

YOGA-LIFE-HACKS FOR RE-SOURCING YOUR TRAUMA Learn simple coping mechanisms inspired by breath, meditation and laughter (as your best medicine).  Explore embodied healing practices & alternative modalities to re-wire your brain, boost your mood, enhance your immunity & re-write (right) your trauma. Trauma is defined as “an event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causes feelings of…
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Shameless: Part 3: Let Yourself Off the Hook with Jen Pastiloff

What would it feel like to be let yourself off the hook? To be free of shame, even if just for today? This last workshop offers tools on how to feel more free. Intimate discussions on what works and what doesn’t and what it looks like to keep trying EVERY SINGLE DAY to put down what…
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Yoga at Home with Valinda

  Courses you can take at your own convenience! Choose one of my yoga courses to take in your own home.  Yoga can help relieve stress, improve flexibility and much more. My Kundalini classes are for both physical body, mind and spirit.
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