Tricks for Trauma Survival Guide for Stress, Anxiety & Depression



Learn simple coping mechanisms inspired by breath, meditation and laughter (as your best medicine).  Explore embodied healing practices & alternative modalities to re-wire your brain, boost your mood, enhance your immunity & re-write (right) your trauma. Trauma is defined as “an event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes their sense of self and their ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences.”

Yoga is a "con-job" for the nervous system, designed to shape shift your physiology: to guide you out of the chaos of survival brain (fight/flight/ freeze) into the safety & clarity of the present moment (rest/restore). 

Do you find...your emotions are irregular & so are your bowels, your responses aren’t measured nor are your portions, you are overwhelmed by fearful noise & your focus irratic, you’re gripping the rails of this corona-coaster, holding on for dear life, as your moods swing out of control…Sound familiar?

You are not alone. I created this course because I needed some new yoga tricks to stop the over-whelm and lighten the F*** UP! 

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” ~ Maya Angelou

Do not be reduced by the times. There is hope for healing. 

Let’s do the work of healing together. 

Take steps toward resilience with a therapeutic breath based approach: yin, restorative yoga, somatic movement, Feldenkrais method, release techniques (tremoring, tapping, laughing), couch yoga, guided hypnotic meditation, yoga nidra, body mind centering, vagus nerve & nervous system hacks, etc. Perfect for all levels.

Rethink Your Yoga! Re-Source Your Trauma.


Let's Breathe!