If I could get everyone a Christmas present this year, this book would be it.



Being a mother of a one year old, I don't get a lot of time, let alone time to read.

I have, though, stolen moments throughout 2015 to sit down with this book.

I considered them "tiny little" retreats for me to get a sense of my identity back.

A retreat at the cozy chair by the window while the baby took a nap. A retreat out on the curb while his grandma took him for a walk. A retreat standing by the sink in the kitchen waiting for the bottle to warm up.

Each time, I got a page or two of beautifully written honesty. Like a quick chat with my best friend. Little gems like, "There are so many things to be tortured about, sweet pea. So many torturous things in this life. Don't let a man who doesn't love you be one of them."

or "Let yourself be gutted. Let it open you. Start there."

Or one of my favorites, "It is not so incomprehensible as you pretend, sweet pea. Love is the feeling we have for those we care deeply about and hold in high regard. It can be alight as the hug we give a friend or heavy as the sacrifices we make for our children. It can be romantic, platonic, familial, fleeting, everlasting, conditional, unconditional, imbued with sorrow, stoked by sex, sullied by abuse, amplified by kindness, twisted by betrayal, deepened by time, darkened by difficulty, leavened by generosity, nourished by humor, and "loaded with promises and commitments" that we may or may not want or keep. The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love. And, Johnny, on this front, I think you have some work to do."

Retreat.........I have bought a copy for most of my favorite people in this world, but if I missed you, I hope you get the book.

Merry Christmas.

Buy Tiny Beautiful Things on Amazon here.

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