Spirit Yoga in Baja 2023

Yoga Program 4/23-4/28

Sunday April 23rd

Mantra Board - Write your word or mantra on the board in the studio 

8am - journal writing “How do I want to feel in my body”

Spirit Yoga 

In true Sunday-Slow-Down tradition, this practice is a mind clearing, body connecting experience that will have all of the jet-lag cures that you will need. Bring your journal, your Untethered Soul book, and your open heart…time to cry out your discomfort, fears, grief, and free up some space. Think slow, therapeutic pace, but deep. A different kind of difficult at times that will result in a 20 minute stress relieving session. 

Sunday evening 

108 sun salutations 


In Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred points on the body. This is why, as a ritual, we practice 108 sun salutes on Sunday evenings. It is an incredible experience in moving meditation. Prepare to sleep well and wake up the following morning feeling fluid and grounded all at once. 

Monday, April 24th

8am - 10am 

“Opening Circle” Check-in (1 day late so the whole group can participate) 

11:30am - Yoga Tune Up Balls 

 Healing & Harness Heels, Hamstrings and Hips 

This is a slow and bold approach to a practice that will not only focus in on the most compressed area in the body (low spine, hips, hamstrings) but also draw your attention to the inner landscape of the heart, supporting your effort to be in the present moment without stress and reconnect with gentle self awareness.


Yin Yoga and Meditation 

This is a healing class characterized by prolonged holds and mental stillness. Relieve stress and connect more deeply with your body in this rejuvenating practice. 

Tuesday, April 25th


Untethered Soul Workshop

Jodie and Pamela 

Tammy and Leah

Robin and Carole 

Dionne and Gio 

Jen and Mona 

Sia and Sandy 


Flora Farms 

Spirit Yoga - 1 hour long 

20 minutes of waking up your body properly, followed by 20 minutes of therapeutic vinyasa flow, and landing the plane with 20 minutes of stress relieving poses. Consider this the foundation of a carefree day - just in time for Flora Farms! 

Wednesday April 26th

8am -8:30am 

Untethered Soul Workshop

Cyia and Mona 

Leah and Dionne

Tammy and Gio

Robin and Pamela 

Jodie and Jen

Carole and  Sandy

8:30 10 minutes of Journaling - what is my next? The present moment being so important of course……but what is your dream, vision, idea for your next

8:45-9:45 This practice breaks it all down. Think yoga deconstructed. Think custom movement that balances your structure and your systems.  This is a workshop format with some practice woven through. Lots of breaks to evaluate our actual poses….

Todos Santos 

5pm Foot Fetish - come spend one hour getting your feet back on track using YTU balls. Should be the perfect practice after your excursion. Feet will feel “full of soul” by the time we head to dinner. 



Journal writing in practice 

Tomorrow’s check in circle is based on altar - expect crying - anything you would like to know about the person that you are grieving. Anything that you would like people to know that you are experiencing in your grief. Now, this is some of the deepest rooted aspects of our work. A lot of us handle this through scoffing, joking, or wishing we weren’t going to do it. If you are not ready, absolutely say pass or skip the 8am and come to 11:30 practice, not being ready is an important phase of grief. Does anyone know already that you would like to opt out? You can decide at any point. The goal (there are many unspoken benefits) is to acknowledge grief as part of your spirit and vital to the work, the hard road, the light at the end. 

Thursday, April 27th


Untethered Soul Workshop

Chyia and Dionne

Jen and Pamela

Tammy and Robin

Gio and Sandy

Jodie and Mona

Carole and Leah

8:30 Check in Circle - Grief 

9:30 - 10am 

 Spinal and Shoulder Release - block burn 

Be prepared to wake up the body, heat it up and release every vertebrae up into your neck and shoulders…what you will find is that there is a much deeper meaning to the tension in these areas and this may, surprisingly, be the practice that takes you very deeply down into the areas you needed to go. 

5-6pm Vinyasa Flow 

Iyengar Workshop 

This practice breaks it all down. Think yoga deconstructed. Think custom movement that balances your structure and your systems. 

Friday, April 28th 


Check in Circle  - Grief Continued 

5pm - Vinyasa Flow - last practice 


Closing Fire Circle - what we let go of

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