Meagan is an experienced yoga teacher (ERYT 500) and writer with a passion for helping people find more comfort, compassion, clarity and connection on the mat and in their lives. She writes and teaches from her heart, sharing her own experiences, struggles and insights along with the wisdom she’s assimilated over a decade of studying yoga, while her warmhearted nature and enthusiasm for life permeate everything she does.

Leading retreats since 2012, Meagan loves the magic (i.e. the laughter, tears, breakthroughs and adventures) that happens when a group of individuals come together to share an experience. And while each retreat will inherently be different, you can expect to be immersed in nature, have time to yourself and practice good yoga. You will undoubtedly return home feeling integrated, balanced and inspired.

Her Alignment Flow classes are equal parts challenging, fun, inspiring and informative, so you can expect to learn something (and probably try something) new on retreat! Genuine, warm and compassionate, Meagan has a gift for making students of all abilities feel comfortable and safe to explore new territory on their mat. While her Soul Flow and Restorative Yoga classes are just as nourishing for your spirit as they are nurturing for your nervous system.

Living, teaching and loving life in sunny southern California, Meagan is the author of “Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga” and writes for Yoga Journal, Om Yoga Magazine,, and

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