Not only was the Petit Shambala the perfect physical space for Meagan’s retreat, she is a knowledgeable and compassionate leader who created a grounding emotional space for all of us that week to receive, love, and inspire through an openness in our practice and our interactions. Everything came together so beautifully and I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of it!

Natasha Lee, Photographer, Santa Monica CA

I took a leap of faith and went on Meagan’s Tulum yoga retreat not knowing Meagan or any of the other attendees. Meagan’s book impressed me and the reviews I read about her online told me she was an amazing teacher. Somehow I just knew that it would be a wonderful experience. My expectations were exceeded. Meagan’s style of teaching with emphasis on proper alignment made every class an amazing workshop of proprioception and muscular contraction, putting all the right parts in the right places, and it led to a breakthrough on 3 poses I’ve been unable to do until she showed me how. The women on the trip were wonderful, and our hotel the Shambala Petit was also amazing and fantastic. The yoga, lodging, food, company -it was all too incredible to explain in words. I can’t wait to do future retreats with Meagan and the women I met and would recommend these retreats to anyone who wants to disconnect from busy life, take their yoga practice deeper and further, and who wants to connect with others and build lasting friendships!

Megan Hottman, Attorney, Golden CO

Meagan’s compassion and versatile knowledge of the body is unmatched. She has a gift of being able to clearly articulate proper cues on how to go deeper into poses while avoiding injury. Also, her ways of expressing how our yoga practice is an analogy for our lives always seems always hit the spot. Meagan doesn’t just give you a total body workout … she gives you the understanding of how a yoga practice can be transformative at every level.

Kfir, Student

I love the music and that you turned it up, but most importantly I left with so much positive energy and momentum. You said the most intriguing things about how to think about yoga. Your very altruistic approach to letting the class be dictated by the students was really impressive. It was so helpful for you to really pay attention and correct. It was very clear, even early on in the class, that you take yoga and doing it properly seriously. BUT, you don’t let everyone in the class take themselves so seriously where you almost get too caught up in yourself and lose all the fun.

Lindsay, Equinox