My perspective has shifted since I returned from Maya Tulum. My daily life doesn't scare me. I came back with an excitement to really live my personal and professional life with clarity and confidence. I feel ready to navigate the mundane with a renewed sense of self - making it just as purposeful and satisfying as the "good stuff." It's all the "good stuff" now.

Layla Guest,

I can honestly say that the retreat to Maya Talum will be one of my fondest memories. Not only did I connect with wonderful people from every walk of life but I also connected deeply with the joy this life brings me each day. Thank you Jenn! I can't wait for the next one. You can sign me up!

Mary Lou Di Muro ,

I just wanted to thank you for today, I actually really enjoyed it, felt amazing after the class like my joints etc had been oiled. Gained some valuable insights (must not say sorry all the time!) and just to relax more.  You have a great teaching style that made me felt comfortable and its a shame your not staying in Nelson for a bit longer to do some more teaching cause I would definitely go to your classes.


Just wanted to say again thank you for your wisdom and humor in your teaching practice.  I learn something every class with you xx

The way you get such a kick out of helping people progress is a very great quality for a teacher. You have such an amazing outlook on life!

Kim T.,