My First Letter to You

Little One,

Past the love story and the timing, past all of the morning sickness and exhaustion, past some of the thoughtless comments people make toward a pregnant person, and past the wonder of your gender……there is this.

I am asking you to come into a very unfair world under my care.

I promise to make jokes and silly voices. You may join in any time you want.

I will point out flowers on our walks and jump in the ocean with you, especially that first time cause it is scary. I will do what my Dad did for me, and lift you over the waves for those first few, until I see your body turning to the beach, ready to ride.

Oh, I’ve got some great music for you. All different kinds. All different moods. I can’t wait to hear it with you and find out which songs really move you. We can turn our living room into a dance floor. Anytime. Any day.

Movies. That’s a life long study for us. We will wait a while to introduce one and then we will make a celebration out of that first trip to the actual movie theater. My first trip was to see Arthur. I will never forget Dudley Moore with his funny lines and loving eyes. I thought he was telling me the story.

Little One, there is beauty all over the place. Even in the muddy gutter. If you take a stick you can make pretty designs in that very mud just outside our house.

What I mean is, look for the beauty all over our neighborhood. I will be curious with you every single step of the way and look every time that you want to point something out. I promise.

Things that excite you will change every day. One day it will be pretty shiny balls hanging over your crib….then it will be lego designs, or pretty fluffy stuffed animals. It’s a forever changing thing. Currently I get wide eyed over the things your Daddy builds. Last week it was a new gate in the front to keep you safe when you arrive.

As these exciting things change, tell me all about them. I will be here to listen to you and ask you questions. I want to know what makes you come to life. You are such a source of interest for me, sweet one.

Most importantly, I want you to know that although the world is unfair on so many levels, my hand is always reaching for yours. My parents said this to me all my life, and now your Dad and I will do the same, for you are the most fair thing that has happened to us.

We are grateful for all that you are already bringing into our lives and we can’t wait for the rest.

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