Taking Time

We have all said it before, it goes by. It goes by fast.

I look back on the many lifetimes I have fit into this one and constantly wonder, “am I that girl?” and “do I know her anymore?”

Many times the answer is no.

I am not her anymore. Her choices were sometimes based in fear. Her pain was pure and overhead like a wave about to crash.

These days I manage to overcome things quicker. Shake off and move on. My friendships have different themes and styles and colors than they once did. Each and every one of them. Thank God most of them are still strong.

In the meantime, the world flies by. People morph and change.  I have a smaller index of memories and my dream list is slightly shorter.

The thing that keeps coming up for me is the story. The long, varied, complex, layered, multi-faceted story of each of our lives. There is so much there. Our story is in snipets of the many movies we’ve slouched in a theater to watch. It’s in lines of each poem that have moved us…we are a part of the beauty that surrounds us. When you watch a grandfather pointing things out to his grandson in the park and you smile because your heart dips into it’s sweet nectar, it’s because you are in that man and that little boy, and they are you. They have become part of your story.

The bittersweetness of this realization is that we have to feel, in each moment, connected. We must take in the world in this lifetime for what it is. We must take the hand of time and walk with it like a friend that you just made an agreement to make. This world and your time here, is a dance that requires your lead.

Take your time. Take it. Hold it in your heart.  Feel the keys on your keyboard give as you push each one. Smell the breeze. Listen to the flute from the song that is playing. Notice what each beat of your heart is pulsing out.

Your anger, your fear, your love, your happiness, your laughter, your loss, your excitement. All important chapters in your epic tale. Take your time. Live in your story.

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